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Welcome to the website of the Croatian Embassy in London. This is the place where British citizens can find relevant information about Croatia, its political system, its economy and investment potential, its world-famous cultural monuments and natural sights, as well as many other topics of interest. This is also the place for Croatian citizens to learn more about the Embassy's activities and its consular and other services.

We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook. We publish posts about our events and other news relevant for relations between Croatia and the United Kingdom, which currently enjoy the highest level since Croatia became an independent state. The Embassy will continue its commitment to promoting stronger institutional ties between Croatia and the United Kingdom, but will also work to promote ties and contacts between our citizens. We are glad to see a constant increase in the number and quality of these connections, which is partly related to to the growing number of British tourists in Croatia, relentless activity of Croatian-British societies and the Croatian community in the UK, intensified economic and cultural exchange, but also the new communication technology which facilitates networking and significantly contributes to overall development of relations.

We hope that you find the information we provide interesting and useful, and that you will continue to follow us.

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